Friday, October 24, 2008

Checking In With the Morning Report!

Who can tell me what movie that's from? It's a Disney flick!
OK, anyhoo, I finally got around to transferring some of my pics to my computer. Yay for me! I know this doesn't sound all that exciting, but I consider it worthy of mention because I couldn't do it for a while. I lost the USB cable for my camera, and of all the random ones that my dad had laying around, none of them fit. Well, then I got a PSP, and it takes the same memory stick as my camera... and then Mama just got creative!
Don't forget, you can click to enlarge:
A view from my apartment, facing East. You can kinda see Lake Union (at least that's what I think that is). It's actually reall pretty in the early morning, just before the sun has fully risen. You can see the moving headlights of all the cars off in the distance.

View facing NorthEast. Yep, that's the Space Needle! It's actually a bit closer than it appears in the picture, that's just how it got compressed when I rotated it.

View from the ferry, as we're leaving Seattle and headed for Bainridge Island. I know it's all shaky, but I was on a frickin' ferry!

Another view from the ferry. And if you're a Grey's Anatomy fan, then this is probably best known to you as the site of the "Meredith Falls into the Sound and Dies While Tending to Ferry-Crash Victims" episode.

My sister's old friend lives in Washington, about 2 hours or so away from the city. She came to pick me up for the weekend and showed me around town, then took me over to her side of the Sound, on the peninsula. I wish I could remember what we were looking at. I'm pretty sure it's due North.

These next few are of my apartment (per Chanthamaly's request):

It's actually bigger than my old kitchen, in the studio apartment I had in Columbus.

Rest of the kitchen.

Big giant window that I've been taking all of my pictures from. I guess the smarter idea would have been to open the blinds, and then take the picture.

All right, what else would you like to see? I'll try accommodate, even if it makes me like a total tourist. I cruised Pike Place Market a couple times this week, and maybe I'll do it again this weekend when I have some more time. Hell, I know I will, cz the fishermen are cute. I'm not ashamed.
Tonight, I'm going to a community center to volunteer my time at the annual Halloween festival, so that might be worth a few photos. Oh, and I guess there are the obvious ones, like my school, street... ME. I dunno, we'll see what I come up with. I'll also upload these and maybe some others to the little media player thingy that's on the left panel of this page - if I can remember how to do it.

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chanthamaly said...

do you have your own room or is it another studio? i like the blurry ferry picturres.